Lu Engineers has vast experience in aviation Projects


The complexities of working on assignments for the aviation sector requires a specialized set of skills and experience.

Lu Engineers has experience working on small and medium-sized hub airport facilities which has allowed us to serve the traveling community and the major towns and cities in which these facilities operate. We provide excellent client service and the engineering expertise needed to maintain ongoing traffic and smooth operations during construction.

Aviation Projects

Many of the structural inspections, condition assessments, and highly sensitive environmental testing and evaluations we have performed in and around these facilities, both landside and airside, have presented unique challenges with the potential to affect plans for future growth and expansion. The combined experience of our staff of civil and transportation engineers, environmental specialists, and dedicated support staff ensures that we can provide you with a highly capable team that can respond to the demands presented by complex projects, including assignments which require a keen understanding of security measures, environmental permitting, and similar issues. Many projects encompass sustainable design characteristics and we are knowledgeable in all facets of ADA compliance to ensure access for all.