Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrades, Village of Clyde, NY

As a subconsultant, Lu Engineers provided Resident Project Representative (RPR) and Construction Management (CM) services on behalf of the Village of Clyde. The scope of work involved the demolition of existing process piping, equipment, and select facilities, along with the installation of new piping, pumps, aerators, a sludge vault, a disinfection UV building, and a pump and process building. The project upgraded existing elements within the process building such as doors, windows, bathroom facilities, electric heating and cooling systems, and the implementation of facility program automation.

The project involved daily on-site oversight and coordination of multiple prime contracts to ensure the project work aligned with design documents. Lu’s construction administration responsibilities included chairing and managing weekly coordination meetings as well as biweekly progress meetings to ensure effective communication among all project team members regarding design, cost, schedule, and project document organization.