RS&E Hikeway/Bikeway Pedestrian Bridge

RS&E Hikeway/Bikeway Pedestrian Bridge Town of Perinton, NY

Lu Engineers was the prime consultant on this $1.8 million LAFA bridge and trail design project. The project objective was to provide a link across the Erie Canal to connect the Town of Perinton’s trail system on the south side of the canal to the Erie Canalway Trail, a former towpath, located on the north side. The Town’s trail system consisted of its 40-mile long Crescent Trail and the RS&E Hikeway/Bikeway, a former trolley rail bed. A number of bridge alignments and bridge types were evaluated based on construction costs, future maintenance costs, and aesthetics. Lu Engineers held meetings with the Town and its community advisory group to discuss various design concepts during the preliminary design phase to ensure the final design reflected the historic and environmental features of the community.

Lu Engineers provided preliminary and final bridge and highway design; cost estimating for three portions of the project (bridge, trail and road) and construction inspection. The project, which was awarded the 2013 Genesee Valley APWA Project of the Year, also required compliance with New York State (Article 24 Permit) and the US Army Corps of Engineers (Nationwide Permit) as well as right-of-way acquisition from the NYS Canal Corporation on both the north and south sides of the Erie Canal.

Final Design Included: a 165’ single span modified bow truss supported by 20’ high concrete abutments founded on steel H-piles; a 93’ single span concrete deck ramp with rolled steel girders supported by a shallow abutment founded on a spread footing; a switch back ramp consisting of 186’ continuous span concrete deck with rolled steel girders supported by a tall abutment and concrete pier; a 135’ earthen ramp supported by a segmental block retaining wall; 1,200 feet of road realignment; and 950’ of Canalway Trail construction.