North Avenue Connector Project

North Avenue Connector Project Village of Webster, NY

The North Avenue Connector Project consisted of three distinct segments that collectively compose 0.57 miles of State Route 250 (North Avenue) from Orchard Street south to State Route 404 (Ridge Road/Main Street) in the Village of Webster. Each of the segments contained physical or psychological barriers which limited pedestrian and bicyclist safety and connectivity between an expanding population base north of State Route 104 (Expressway) and the Four Corners District along Ridge Road.

The project included gateway enhancements at the Orchard Street intersection, which included new street trees, signage and pedestrian scale street lights. High visibility crosswalks were added for the western and southern legs of the intersection. Gateway enhancements at the Route 104 interchange were added along with high visibility crosswalks, pedestrian scale lighting, decorative pavements and wayfinding signage. A new 10-foot wide off-road multiuse trail connects a new trailhead at the Hojack Rail Trail with the 104 Bicycle Trail on the west side of Route 250. The project also involved the on/off slip ramps. Lane, pavement and pedestrian crossing signal reconfigurations were also done. Added to the North Avenue corridor were 12-foot travel lanes and 6-foot bicycle lanes to slow traffic and improve bicyclist safety between corridor trailheads and the Four Corners. Five-foot wide sidewalks, expanded tree lawns, new street trees, pedestrian scale lighting, wayfinding signage, sidewalk gap infill and the elimination of parking on sidewalks.