Judge Road over Whitney Creek Bridge Replacement, Town of Alabama, Genesee County, NY

This Locally Administered Federally Aided (LAFA) bridge replacement project is located in Genesee County in the Town of Alabama approximately 14miles northwest of Batavia, NY.

The project involved preliminary engineering, final design and construction inspection. Based on the hydraulic analysis of Whitney Creek; bridge replacement on the existing creek alignment was not a feasible alternative due to the existing creek flow characteristic at the bridge location. The existing creek alignment made an abrupt turn just upstream of the bridge that created undesirable impacts to the stream bed underneath the old bridge. By eliminating the abrupt turn in the creek and realigning it with a skewed alignment under Judge Road, the proposed alternative of a Precast Concrete Box Culvert (5’ rise and 11’ span) provided an improved hydraulic condition and was the feasible alternative that replaced the existing 25’ span steel multi girder with open deck grating on concrete abutments. As a result, the construction period and the duration of the off-site detour were minimized. The culvert was embedded 1 foot into the channel bottom to promote safe passage of fish and other aquatic organisms based on the requirements of the Nationwide permit.

Lu Engineers provided preliminary engineering, final design and construction inspection services, including bridge design, hydraulic analysis, roadway design, the preparation of design reports, public participation, right-of-way acquisition, environmental screenings and permitting, utility coordination, and bid phase services and construction management.

Construction Cost: Awarded Construction Cost – $497K, Construction Cost – $512K
Project Size: 25’ Span Existing Bridge, Precast Concrete Box Culvert, (5’ rise and 11’ span), 140 feet of Roadway Reconstruction

Key Elements:
• Culvert Sizing / Design
• In-depth Hydraulic Analysis for Multiple Design Alternatives
• Environmental Permitting
• Utility Coordination
• Public Participation
• Construction Management
• Construction Inspection