Ferguson Road Bridge Replacement

Town of Seneca, Ontario County, NY

Lu Engineers was the Prime Consultant on this accelerated LAFA bridge replacement project. Lu Engineers was responsible for final design services, Phases V and VI. Ontario County Department of Public Works had performed the preliminary design and prepared the Final Design Report for the project, Phases I-IV.

Due to the possibility of receiving construction funding if contract plans and specifications could be produced quickly, Ontario County turned to Lu Engineers. Lu Engineers completed final design services and had contract plans and specifications completed in only five weeks. During the final design phase, Lu Engineers made the County aware that an asbestos survey needed to be completed and included in the contract plans. Lu Engineers completed the asbestos survey at no additional cost to the County and the specifications for the asbestos abatement were included in the final plans.

The existing jack arch structure was replaced with an 83 foot span steel composite girder supported by integral abutments. To reduce construction costs and provide additional scour protection, Lu Engineers recommended that where possible, the existing abutment concrete remain in place. The plans also included approach work, bridge and guide rail layout, and off-site detour plans. Once the project went to construction, Lu provided construction inspection services.