Lu Awarded APWA 2019 Transportation Project of the Year

Lu Engineers is pleased to announce that the Genesee Valley Branch of the APWA has awarded the Village of Newark Main Street Re‐Construction Project as the Transportation Project of the Year in the $5‐25 Million Category. Lu’s role was as the Project Design Consultant. The Project owner is the Village of Newark, and was constructed by Ramsey Constructors, Inc., and T.Y. Lin, International provided the day‐to‐day onsite Construction Inspection Services. Lu was also involved in the Construction Inspection Services as a subconsulant to T.Y. Lin.

The Project encompassed the full‐depth reconstruction of South Main Street; sanitary sewer and water main improvements; replacement of the existing storm drainage system; sidewalk replacement along with ADA– compliant sidewalk ramps; three new traffic signals to replace the existing signals; and residential street lighting, landscape features, trees, shrubs and plants in the business district planting beds.